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Cannabinoid Terpene Basics and Importance

cannabinoid terpene basics importance

There are a few terms or elements that may impact your selection of a given cannabinoid product, and one that many people prioritize heavily is that of terpenes. Terpenes in the cannabinoid world speak to important areas like taste and smell, and are often closely considered by those who enjoy this part of the consumption process. 

At The Dopest Shop, we're happy to discuss terpene profiles and other important information for all of our premium, hemp-derived HHC blunts, pre-rolls, concentrates and more. For those who don't know much about terpenes and their role in cannabinoid selection, here's a deep dive into how they work, how they compare to terpenes in other areas, and how you should be thinking about terpenes as you choose HHC or any other cannabinoid products. 

Terpenes in Nature

Firstly, before we get into their specific role in cannabinoids, it should be noted that terpenes exist in several parts of nature. They are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in plants and even certain animals, and play a major role in the aroma and flavor of those things. For example, they are present in fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes; herbs like mint and sage; spices like clove and cumin; trees like pine and fir; flowers like lavender and jasmine; and more. 

All plants contain terpenes, but some are more noticeable than others - including cannabinoids. Other examples here include citrus, aromatic herbs, and more. Terpenes are frequently used in herbal medicine due to their anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and analgesic properties. In other words, they're an important part of the medicinal plant, as well as for taste and smell.

Increasingly Used for Classification

While terpenes play several practical roles for many plants, including protecting them from weather and predators, more research within the cannabinoid field in particular is beginning to reveal that they may be suitable as a way of classifying the effects (or even potency) of a given product. 

For instance, certain terpene combinations can produce what is known as a "blend effect," which is when multiple cannabinoids and terpenes come together to produce unique results that may not be achieved by one element alone. This has been studied in both observational and scientific contexts, with some researchers believing that terpenes may even have an impact on the way our bodies process cannabinoids, known as an entourage effect.

Terpenes Don't Create Psychoactive Effects

It's important to note that terpenes are not cannabinoids themselves. They do not get you high or create any kind of similar effect, so if you are looking for a CBD or HHC product with specific effects (like relaxation), terpene profiles may be valuable information to look for; however, it's important to remember that terpenes alone cannot produce the same feelings as actual cannabinoids. 

Tips for Exploring and Maximizing Terpenes

For those who are just learning about terpenes, here are some ways of understanding and optimizing them when selecting HHC and other cannabinoid products:

  • Learn about various terpene profiles: There are a wide variety of terpene profiles out there, and understanding them can help you find cannabinoid products with the desired effects. Some examples include limonene, myrcene, beta-pinene and more - and experts like ours at The Dopest Shop are happy to discuss the various ones and what they may mean for your given product. 
  • Read labels in detail: Cannabinoid labels contain critical information, including terpene profiles. Make sure you look at them in detail and ask questions if anything is unclear. 
  • Check freshness: Terpene concentration is one thing that can definitely diminish over long periods of time, so make sure you check the freshness date before purchase. 
  • High heat may be risky: For those who truly enjoy maximizing the flavor and terpene profile of their HHC products, be aware that high heat can actually reduce terpenes. Low-temperature vaporizers are a better choice in this case. 
  • Track your terpene preferences: Many people find that certain terpene profiles are more enjoyable or have a better effect on them than others. Keep track of what you like, and look for it specifically in the future.

Overall, knowing about terpenes can help enhance your cannabinoid experience - whether we're talking about hemp-derived CBD oil, HHC products or anything else. Take the time to familiarize yourself with terpene profiles, and you may find that your experience is taken to a new level. 

For more helpful tips, browse our blog or contact us directly here at The Dopest Shop for personalized advice and assistance. We look forward to helping you find the perfect product for your needs, whether you're in the market for HHC pre-rolls and smokeable products or HHC edibles and other options.