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The Dopest HHC Syrup

With The Dopest HHCP + HHC syrup, you’ll experience this cannabinoid’s powerful effects in a rich, flavorful, and convenient liquid form. Our premium HHC syrups meet the 2018 US Farm Bill’s standards for ≤ 0.3% ∆9THC and are always backed by third-party lab test results. It’s hard to find a better way to enjoy HHC, and our HHC syrups are ready for speedy shipment straight to your doorstep.

Lifted Liquid: 200MG Lemon Cherry HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG Jacks Peaches HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG TROPICAL PUNCH HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG Strawberry Splash HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG Watermelon HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG Grape Soda HHCP + HHC Syrup


Lifted Liquid: 200MG Orange HHCP + HHC Syrup


Syrup Variety 3-pack: 200MG HHCP + HHC Syrup

$120.00 $99.00

HHC Syrups: Get Ready to Get Lifted

The Dopest invites anyone curious about HHC’s effects to check out our high-quality syrup catalog. Each of these hemp-derived extracts has a combination of high-potency HHC and HHCP mixed with a rich assortment of flavors, and will deliver an experience unlike anything else.

HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is a hemp-derived cannabinoid similar to ∆9THC but containing an extra hydrogen atom. HHCP, a variation of HHC, is known for its potent effects—so buckle up and consume responsibly. We recommend starting off with the smallest amount of syrup and waiting at least 60-90 minutes to gauge its effects. The total duration of effects can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

Lifted Liquid By Faze Rain

The Dopest’s HHC Syrups

The fusion of pure HHC and bold flavors makes these edible-like products a delicious and discreet way to work HHC into your day. Whether you take a straight shot of HHC syrup or blend it into your favorite beverages, this unique way to enjoy HHC will deliver plenty of pungency and potency. Each signature 3 ounce bottle contains 200 mg of HHCP + HHC-infused syrup.

Wherever you go, it’s easy to pack your HHC syrup for discreet dosing in water, juices, or your favorite beverages.


Our exclusive formulation contains a highly potent concentration of 200 mg of both HHC + HHCP.


The Dopest only works with American hemp farmers and HHC extractors who meet our high standards.


All Dopest HHC syrups come with detailed third-party lab reports so everyone knows exactly what they’re consuming.


The Dopest Gummies and Blunt displayed together

Choose The Dopest for the Highest Quality HHC

Beyond offering premium HHC syrups, The Dopest has made it our mission to supply a wide range of exceptional HHC products. Even if you’re not in the market for the potency of our HHC+HHCP syrups, chances are we have other HHC-infused products that you’ll love.

Check out our HHC disposables or vape carts for smoke-free, strain-specific experiences packed with HHC and tasty strain-specific terps. The Dopest also has a line of delectable HHC gummies with fruity flavors like strawberry, mango, and watermelon.

FAQ on HHC Syrups

What is HHC syrup?

The Dopest’s HHC syrup is a thick, liquid infused with an extract from the hemp plant containing 200 mg of the cannabinoids HHC and HHCP, plus naturally-derived terpenes and other flavorings. HHC syrups are a portable, convenient and discreet way to enjoy the effects of this unique cannabinoid.

How potent is HHC syrup compared to traditional cannabis concentrates?

Our HHC + HHCP syrups are potent, and many of our customers describe effects similar to the psychoactive effects to ∆9THC-infused cannabis edibles. With that said, each person experiences cannabinoids differently and HHC syrup effects will also depend on their personal experience, dosage, and tolerance level. Because these HHC syrups are potent, we advise you to consume small amounts when assessing how they impact you.

Are there any special storage or handling requirements for HHC syrup?

Please keep HHC syrup in a cool, dry, and dark place to help extend the shelf-life of the cannabinoids and terpenes.

How much HHC syrup should I take?

Consult the recommended dosage on your specific HHC syrup and consider your personal tolerance level before deciding how much to use. Our custom HHCP + HHC formulations are potent, so we always recommend starting with the smallest amount of HHC syrup and wait at least 60 minutes to evaluate its effects.

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