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Key Differences Between HHC and Spice

HHC vs Spice

In recent years, the use of cannabis and its derivatives has become increasingly popular, leading to innovative uses for different cannabinoids like HHC. HHC can occur naturally but is generally made through a process called hydrogenation, making it semi-synthetic.

Because HHC is semi-synthetic, it often leads to the misconception that HHC is the same as synthetic cannabinoids like spice, a dangerous street drug. This misconception couldn’t be more wrong, so it's important to understand that HHC isn't spice.

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What Is HHC?

HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from THC, the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis. While THC and HHC share almost identical molecular structures, the double carbon bonds in THC are replaced with hydrogen in HHC. As a result, the slight variance in their chemical structures affects their interaction with the body's endocannabinoid system. HHC produces psychoactive effects similar to THC, albeit with less intensity.

HHC has shown promise medically and may have anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and anti-cancer properties, making it a strong candidate for medical research. Its unique effects and potential therapeutic uses make it an exciting new area of research in the field of cannabinoids. 

What Is Spice?

Spice, also known as synthetic cannabis or K2, is a type of synthetic cannabinoid that is designed to mimic the effects of THC. However, synthetic cannabinoids like spice don’t contain actual cannabinoids and are often much more potent than THC. This means that spice might cause dangerous side effects like nausea, vomiting, seizures, and even death. Spice is often sold under various street names such as "K2," "Synthetic Marijuana," or "Spice Gold."

Due to its dangerous side effects, many countries have banned the sale and use of spice. Therefore, it is important to avoid purchasing or consuming any products that may contain this substance. 

Why Do People Confuse HHC and Spice?

The misconception that HHC and spice are the same is likely because they can both be created in a lab. Although HHC occurs naturally, it can be safely made from THC using hydrogenation, a process that involves adding hydrogen to cannabinoids in organic hemp or cannabis plants. This can leave the impression that it is a fully synthetic cannabinoid like spice, which is untrue. 

HHC doesn’t have the dangerous chemicals or side effects that spice has, and they shouldn’t be viewed as the same substance. If someone searching for a therapeutic or pain relieving product is under the impression that HHC is harmful like spice, they could miss out on an amazing cannabis product.

What’s more, trying spice could be very dangerous for someone who is accustomed to using HHC and is under the impression they are the same thing. 

Understanding the differences between HHC and spice is important to avoid silly or potentially dangerous misunderstandings. While spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that can have harmful side effects, HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis that has potential therapeutic uses. By educating ourselves and others on the differences between HHC and spice, we can promote safer and more responsible use of different cannabinoids.


Do Spice and HHC Look the Same?

Some people might be concerned that they won’t be able to differentiate between safe and dangerous products. It is important to know what you are consuming or inhaling beforehand. Luckily, if you know what to look for, this should be easily avoidable. Unlike real weed, spice is not sticky and does not contain buds; it’s typically finely cut and greenish-brown in color. 


Whereas, THC and HHC buds look similar and have distinctive qualities like their smell, trichomes, color, and stickiness to help you distinguish the real stuff from dangerous synthetic cannabinoids. As a rule of thumb, if you are unsure about what the product you have might be, don’t smoke it. 


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