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Why More Athletes Are Using Cannabinoid Gummies

why athletes cannabinoid gummies

Managing pain, inflammation and related issues is a regular need for athletes across numerous sports or activities, and the world of cannabinoids has become a larger and larger part of this within recent years. In particular, many athletes who utilize cannabinoid products for help with recovery and related needs are beginning to gravitate toward gummies for several specific reasons. 

At The Dopest Shop, we're proud to offer premium hemp-derived HHC gummies, vapes, cartridges, blunts and more for a variety of client needs, including athletes who utilize cannabinoids like these for valuable recovery needs. We can ship to any location in the United States with our fully legal products, which are stronger than CBD but still fully within the law. Here's a look at why cannabinoids in general are becoming more popular among athletes, plus some of the specific reasons why gummies are often the top choice.

Cannabinoid Popularity in Athletes

Before we dig into gummies specifically, let's take a look at why cannabinoids in general have become so popular within the athletic community. Research on this subject is still relatively nascent and more is being carried out, but there are some key findings which point to cannabinoid compounds being very useful for managing pain and inflammation associated with intense physical activities. 

Many athletes have reported that products like CBD oil or edibles can help reduce recovery time and reduce the need for pharmaceutical based pain relief options. This isn't just anecdotal either, as research has also begun to corroborate these reports with further evidence of a connection between cannabinoids and reduced inflammation or pain levels associated with activity. While more research is needed to confirm results at a clinical level, more and more athletes are beginning to notice benefits from these products. 

Why are gummies some of the most popular varieties being consumed by athletes? Our next few sections will go over some of their direct benefits.

Lung Health

One of the key qualities of gummies compared to some other forms of cannabinoid delivery is that they don't require any combustion or inhalation. This makes them an ideal solution for those who are concerned about their lung health, as there is no risk of introducing these compounds into the lungs through smoke or vapor. 

For instance, long-distance runners or those who participate in sports where breathing and lung capacity are important may choose to consume gummies to ensure their lungs remain free from unnecessary particles. 

Tighter Dosing Control

Another major benefit of cannabinoids that come in the form of gummies is the ability for users to more precisely control their dosage. With liquid solutions, there's a slight risk of consuming too much at once or not enough due to inconsistent measurements. 

Gummies, on the other hand, have a standardized dose that can be repeated more easily while also having a slower release time compared to vape cartridges or blunts. This makes them ideal for athletes who need precise dosing control and don't want to take any risks when it comes to their recovery. 

Flavor Variety

Not only do gummies taste better for many people than other forms of cannabinoid delivery, but there is also a much wider variety of flavors and types to choose from. This gives athletes the ability to find a product that meets their needs while also having an enjoyable taste experience. 

This, in turn, makes athletes more likely and willing to utilize these products on a regular basis as part of their recovery regimen. 

Discreet and Private

While the stigma around cannabinoid use has certainly lessened in recent years as greater understanding of the benefits has come to light, there is still sometimes a need or desire for athletes who use cannabinoids to keep their usage discreet and private. This can be difficult with other forms of delivery, but gummies are very easy to transport or consume in public without drawing any attention. 

Long-Lasting Effects

Finally, because they are metabolized differently than other forms of delivery, gummies tend to have a much longer-lasting effect on the body. This makes them ideal for those who need regular relief throughout the day, as their effects can be felt for many hours after consumption. This is especially beneficial for athletes who may not have access to cannabinoid products for several hours at a time, such as when they are on the road or away from home. 

Overall, gummies are becoming an increasingly popular choice for athletes looking to manage their pain and inflammation levels due to their convenience, flavor variety, discreetness, longer-lasting effects and precise dosing control. As more research is conducted into cannabinoid usage among athletes, we may begin to see more and more of them turn to gummies for their recovery needs. 

For more on any of our premium HHC gummies or other products like vapes, flower, concentrates and more, speak to our dedicated team at The Dopest Shop today! We can't wait to help you get the relief and recovery you deserve.