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Yes, HHC can get you high

Yes, HHC can get you high

Does it make you high? If you're anything like us at The Dopest Shop, that's typically the first question that get asked when looking at different cannabinoids. To this day, this is still the #1 question we get about HHC, whether or not it will make you high.  The short answer is that HHC is a cannabinoid derived from hemp that has psychoactive properties so...yes, HHC can you you high, period. 

The second most asked-question is "how does a HHC high compare to a THC high"?  The short answer on this is that HHC produces a bit of a different high than regular delta 9 THC.  Users report that the high from HHC is more of a relaxed, mellow, cerebral high where they can still function and not be totally geeked out (depending on how much they consume).  Users have reported a more mild and mood-boosting high and overall more energetic feeling as opposed to a sedative high. 

Read real customer reviews on the effects of HHC: 

DOPE: "Not gonna lie man I couldn’t wait to try it and when I did one of the best indescribable highs I’ve had in a while, I could actually chill out and fall asleep. DOPE product."  D.H.

BEST DISPOSABLE I'VE HAD:  "The flavor is good and the HHC high is so different and clam."  Franky G. 

WOW. LITERALLY WOW. "These HHC carts are something else. After a few rips, I can feel the tingle associated with being high. Was not expecting to get so high. Gonna be ordering the other flavors ASAP." Andrew J.

TASTE FIRE! "I was truly surprised on the quality of these vapes! Smoking for 10 years has my tolerance real high and these HHC pens hit different!" Carlos M.
DOPEST DOPE SMOKED. "A very mellow high that lasts, not only does it relax but makes everything that much more enjoyable. Classic stoner high!" Lee G. 
At The Dopest Shop, we have thousands of reviews just like this of people's experience with HHC and the way it effects them.  It's important to note that all people relate differently and there is not a one-size-fits-all answer on does HHC make you high.   Just like THC, Delta-8, THC-0, Delta 10, etc. each user can respond differently.  The most important part of this is question is that each user should be searching for safe HHC products that come from a trusted source and display their lab results accordingly.