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Does HHC Get You High?

Does HHC Get You High?

First things first: Yes, HHC will get you high.

But what does it feel like? How does it compare to a THC high? If you’ve ever considered buying HHC but don’t know where to begin, we answer all these questions and more so that you can shop HHC at The Dopest with confidence.

What Is HHC?

Cannabis flower naturally contains many cannabinoids along with the popular THC and CBD, like CBG, THCA, and more. However, with modern technological advancements, scientists have been able to create a collection of alternative cannabinoids in the lab.

Though some believe that HHC, short for hexahydrocannabiol, exists naturally in the hemp plant in trace quantities, that hasn’t yet been proven consistently. When chemist Roger Adams discovered HHC in the 1940s, he used a process called hydrogenation, in which hydrogen is added to THC, to produce HHC. The result is a compound containing more hydrogen atoms than THC. Today, producers usually use hemp-derived delta-8—a less potent form of THC—to make HHC.

Using various metals as chemical catalysts, delta-8 is processed in advanced laboratories and is not safe or recommended to produce at home. It’s also important that all traces of these metal catalysts are removed from the HHC before sale and consumption, which is one reason why we stock only the best and purest HHC products at The Dopest and openly share the Certificate of Analysis for every product we sell.

Since HHC is derived from hemp, it’s compliant with the 2018 Hemp Bill and currently legal in all states.

Does HHC Get You High?

Okay, so we know that HHC is a cannabinoid that was chemically altered from THC. But…what does it feel like?

If you’ve ever consumed THC, the experience should feel pretty similar. Some people report that the high from HHC is more of a relaxed, mellow, cerebral experience than THC—depending on how much they consume. Others have reported a milder and mood-boosting high that’s overall more energetic feeling as opposed to a sedative and couch-locked.

Depending on whether you use flowerdisposable vapes, or other inhaled forms of HHC, you can expect the effects to come on within a few minutes at most and last between 2 – 4 hours.

From edibles—like our gummy sharks and extra-potent live rosin gummies by Hash House—the HHC is processed through the stomach and liver, so the effects take longer to come on, roughly 45 – 90 minutes. But once they’ve kicked in, you can expect to enjoy the ride for far longer than with inhaled HHC, as long as 6 hours or more, depending on variables such as your metabolism, how full your stomach is, and other individual factors.

All-in-all, the experience of HHC isn’t vastly different from THC. Most people agree they’re comparable, with a more mellow and cerebral high typically experienced from HHC. Two other forms of HHC—HHC-O and HHC-P—have also been created in recent years. They’re worth noting as their chemical makeup makes them more potent than regular HHC on its own.

Does HHC-P Get You High?

If HHC is made by chemically altering THC, then HHC-P is made by altering HHC (and sometimes THC). The way it works is that the HHC molecule’s carbon side chain is altered, allowing HHC-P to bond much more strongly to our body’s cannabinoid receptors—the same ones that allow us to feel high from THC. As a result, some experts estimate that HHC-P is stronger than HHC and many of our customers report potent effects from our HHC-P products.

Does HHC-O Get You High?

HHC-O is another cannabinoid produced by altering regular HHC. It involves a chemical compound called acetic anhydride which is applied to regular HHC. This makes HHC-O more chemically similar to delta-9 THC, the most common form of THC found in hemp.

Many people report that ingesting HHC-O feels pretty close to THC in terms of its overall effects.

Dopest Fam Experiences: What Does HHC Feel Like?

Curious about trying HHC for yourself? Here’s what some of our customers have said about the effects of HHC:

DOPE: "Not gonna lie, man, I couldn’t wait to try it, and when I did one of the best indescribable highs I’ve had in a while, I could actually chill out and fall asleep. DOPE product." — DH

BEST DISPOSABLE I'VE HAD: "The flavor is good, and the HHC high is so different and calm." — Franky G

WOW. LITERALLY WOW: "These HHC carts are something else. After a few rips, I can feel the tingle associated with being high. Was not expecting to get so high. Gonna be ordering the other flavors ASAP." — Andrew J

TASTE FIRE: "I was truly surprised by the quality of these vapes! Smoking for 10 years has my tolerance real high, and these HHC pens hit different!" — Carlos M

DOPEST DOPE SMOKED: "A very mellow high that lasts; not only does it relax but makes everything that much more enjoyable. Classic stoner high!" — Lee G

Explore HHC with The Dopest Shop

As a perfectly legal cannabinoid, you might not expect HHC to have much of an effect, but it’s functionally similar to THC, producing a mellow, cerebral, and different style of high.

There are also more powerful forms of HHC called HHC-P and HHC-O that you may want to try. Like THC, HHC is available in all the forms you’d expect, including our own premium Dopest flowerHHC syrups, and even blunts and concentrates. Try our HHC products and let us know your experience in the comments section.

Want to deepen your education on all things cannabis? Visit our blog for more articles on HHC, THCA, and everything else you need to know about these potent cannabinoids!