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The Dopest HHC Disposables

With The Dopest's HHC disposables, you can experience the full force of this unique compound—plus a blast of strain-specific terpenes—in one convenient, discreet, and portable unit. All our HHC disposables are compliant with the 2018 US Farm Bill and contain ≤ 0.3% ∆9THC, meaning they can be shipped right to your door.

Girl Scout Cookies - Indica HHC Disposable Vape


Juicy Fruit Sativa HHC Disposable Vape


Maui Wowie HHC Vape Disposable


Blood Orange Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Gorilla Glue - Indica HHC Disposable Vape


Tangie - Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Pie Hoe- Hybrid HHC Vape Disposable


Wild Watermelon - Indica HHC Disposable Vape


Venom OG - Indica HHC Vape Disposable


Gelato - Indica HHC Vape Disposable


Tropical Sunrise - Hybrid HHC Vape Disposable


Fire OG - Indica HHC Vape Disposable


Strawberry Shortcake - Indica HHC Vape Disposable


Grape Pie - Indica HHC Vape Disposable


Sour Diesel - Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Honeydew - Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Blue Dream - Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Peaches & Cream - Sativa HHC Vape Disposable


Choose HHC Disposables for Convenience, Potency & Purity

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a unique hemp-derived cannabinoid that offers the euphoria and classic effects you’d expect from ∆9THC, but our customers report HHC is a little more approachable and laid back. Our HHC disposable vapes offer an all-in-one solution for convenience on the go or whenever you want a quick and efficient hit of HHC’s euphoric effects.

Vapers who want an easy way to enjoy HHC choose The Dopest for the best HHC disposables available on the market.

A sleek vape pen by The Dopest

Hit The Best HHC Disposables Available

Each of The Dopest's HHC disposables features strain-specific organic terpenes. giving them all the dank and delicious flavors you'd expect from iconic cultivars. Whatever your taste preference, using our HHC disposables offer a quick and simple way to enjoy a premium experience wherever life takes you.

Our exclusive hardware delivers the feel, weight, quality and functionality you’d expect from the best vapes on the market, and can be easily thrown away when empty. Each 1 gram disposable vape boasts concentrates with 90%+ HHC and are designed to give you the highest quality experience, with each draw delivering the desired effects in the quickest time possible.

All the benefits of smoking on the go, with no hassle and no mess. Draw activated, leak-proof and filled to the brim with pure and potent HHC.


Built with a USB charging port, you get every last drop of premium-grade HHC without fail.


Each of The Dopest's HHC disposables feature strain-specific organic terpenes, giving them diverse and oh-so-delicious flavor profiles.


All our products are third-party lab tested before we ship them to your door—just scan the QR code on your package for details on potency and purity.


A man holding two bags of The Dopest Gummies

Shop The Dopest for the Highest Quality HHC

The Dopest is proud to be the leading HHC retailer out there. In addition to our HHC disposables, we offer an assortment of HHC gummies, syrups, and vape carts, all of which meet our strict standards for purity and potency.

Take a look at our lab results for yourself. We are committed to delivering the most satisfying experience however you most enjoy consuming this cannabinoid.

HHC Disposables FAQs

What are HHC disposables, and how do they differ from traditional vape pens?

The Dopest's HHC disposables are all-in-one vaporizer units containing a mix of the cannabinoid HHC and organic terpenes. The primary difference between HHC disposables and more traditional cannabis vape pens is that they feature a high concentration of hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), giving them a distinct experience as compared to other cannabinoids. Many of our customers describe HHC’s effects as slightly milder than THC.

How potent are HHC disposables compared to other cannabis vaping products?

Our HHC disposables contain a concentrate that is 90%+ HHC. New users should always start with one hit of an HHC disposable and wait about one hour to feel its effects before deciding whether to take another draw.

Are there any special storage or usage instructions for HHC disposables?

To preserve the terpenes and HHC molecules, it's best to keep HHC disposables in a cool, dark, and dry place. We also recommend storing each unit upright.

Can your HHC disposables be charged?

Yes, all of The Dopest’s HHC disposables are rechargeable and feature a USB charging port.

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