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The Dopest Shop Reviews

Based on 12290 reviews
Great stuff

Love the black cart design. Hits smooth and feels great.

Awesome 🔥⚡️

Great top shelf products, fast shipping.

Dope as Dope

Love the products and this monthly subscription box. IMO you should include more of that black bag flower shih is FIRREEE


tastes very rich


the gmo micros are so good and they produce a really significant high, i got an oz and i got more than an oz i love the dopest shop !

Very potent

It’s pretty potent and has a very noticeable cupcake flavor to it very good

**** ⛽️

Took a little while to get here because of holidays other than that the taste is great they hit hard, got me faded than a hoe faded than hoe

Love all the products you guys have introduced and produced

Diamonds 💎 whattttt…!!!

Yes they are crazy crystals and they are big fire great for dabbling with ur puffco pro and be proxy and do Juggalos just rip it off at 5 in da morning and wow u be in another dimension def recommend.
Yaagul 🤩🇲🇽🤡

First Purchase

I was pleased with the shipping time, the packaging is nicely done also. I have enjoyed the product I've used so far out of the order. Will continue to order. Thanks for the great choices in this box!

Premium MICROS Dosilatos Indica Flower


I like this one more than hhc version fr

Best bang for the buck!!!

With hard times like these days, its hard to find the best deals but these micros come in clutch for sure! Definitely going to buy more.

Great for pain

I have fibromyalgia, a central nervous system chronic pain disease. I have used THC for pain relief for the last five years. The fees for doctor visits and filing state paperwork for registration are high. Add to that, my dispensary charges a ridiculous amount for product. They even recently phased out their 1/2 gram carts.

Thank goodness, Venom does a really good job of making my pain manageable. It’s a relaxing body high that will soothe you and set you drifting in a lovely haze. There is a little dry mouth, but if you’re smoking an advanced strain like this, you already know to start low and go slow. If you don’t, expect a little nap time. The flavor is also nice as long as you enjoy a gassy, funk, which I do. It’s a classic weed taste. I highly recommend this strain. It won’t disappoint.

Best THC-A pen I’ve tried

The terps are absolutely crazy and it gets me hella baked after a long day! Definitely recommend for those looking for a legal cart option.

Excellent product

A good product at a good price. The local dispensaries sell smalls of approximately the same potency, but double the price! Blows the gas station THCA flower out of the water too.

Amazing flower

The stuff I got is amazing perfect great high amazing smell all around 10/10 bomb **** flower

That GMO

Out of all the micro batches I have tried these hit.

Grape nerdz 2g

Firee chill high

Great flower, solid high

I bought an ounce of this during the 7/10 sale and one of the few things i appreciated is they actually sent me 8, 1/8ths instead of the ounce in one bag. This was nice becuase it keeps it fresher, and if you wanna give some to a friend easily you could. Overall good smoke, nice taste, very earthy smell.

Always amazing micros love them all so far

I order at least twice a week cause of great product and service and this micro is one of my favorites it is a amazing smooth smoke as all TDS products will keep buying and buying thank you for your services

Best I've had yet

Simple as that, I've ordered a decent amount of disposables and carts and so far, this one is by far the best

Blue Razz Fun Dip 2G THCA Liquid Diamonds Hybrid Disposable

Gorilla glue micro

This **** is crazy, incredible product for incredible prices. Dope as yola we salute you!


When I tell u I finally ate a whole shark my whole world changed. Awesome flavor. My fav are the blue razz tho. 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Can’t wait till my next order.

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