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What Are Liquid Diamonds? Breaking Down This Pure & Potent Concentrate

What Are Liquid Diamonds? Breaking Down This Pure & Potent Concentrate

Diamonds are one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrate on the planet.

Before trying them for yourself, find out what makes this product so special, including how they’re different from other forms of concentrates, what exactly they’re made of, the best ways to consume them, and much more. By the end, you’ll be on your way to liquid diamond bliss.

What Are Liquid Diamonds?

First things first: What are liquid diamonds?

If you’ve experienced other concentrates like badder, butter, wax, shatter, or rosin, diamonds are slightly different. They look like clear or yellow-tinted crystals—hence the term “diamonds.” When packaged in a flavorful and aromatic liquid known as terp sauce, which contains a high percentage of terpenes, it’s called liquid diamonds.

Diamonds are entirely made of a single cannabinoid and are flavorless unless mixed with terp sauce, so they’re exceptionally potent—often topping 90 - 100% potency.

How Are Liquid Diamonds Made?

Diamonds can be made in a few different ways. Like many concentrates, diamonds can be made by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from fresh flower. This process typically involves using a solvent, such as CO2 or butane, which is then carefully cleaned (or “purged”) to produce a usable concentrate in various textures and consistencies.

Instead of all the solvent getting purged at once, a small amount can be left behind to evaporate slowly—a process known as “diamond mining.” The idea is that by dramatically slowing the process down, the cannabinoid will have extra time to form into tiny, incredibly potent crystals, sometimes being nearly 100% pure. After this process, some extractors will add their diamonds to a terpene-rich sauce, providing both potency and fresh flavors.

What Does “Liquid Diamond Infused” Mean?

When a product is labeled this way, it has the power of liquid diamonds added to it right from the start. There are all types of liquid diamond-infused products, like pre-rolls where the flower gets a high potency and flavorful kick or vapes, where they’re infused into the vape concentrate.

Since diamonds are flavorless when made without the addition of terp sauce, they’re popular among edibles brands that prefer to produce infused goods without the extra flavoring.

Do Liquid Diamonds Get You High?

As one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrate out there, yes, liquid diamonds can definitely get you high.

But as a trusted source of HHC and THCA liquid diamond products, we often get questions from our customers about THCA liquid diamonds, specifically.

If you’re confused about whether or not THCA actually gets you high, we get it. THCA is a non-intoxicating, 100% legal hemp cannabinoid, so it might seem that it wouldn’t have any effect. But when you apply heat and a process called decarboxylation happens to the THCA molecule, it’s a whole different story.

Whether dabbed, smoked, or baked, these processes convert THCA to active THC. And if you’ve ever had THC products before, you should have an idea of what the effects are like—only much more potent.

Depending on your individual body chemistry, you may experience a buzz of creative energy and excitement in addition to the euphoric lift. Some people find that liquid diamonds give them an immediate headrush and clarity, while for others, it’s more relaxing and chill. Either way, one thing is clear: whether they are HHC based or THCA based, liquid diamonds will definitely get you high.

That raises another question: Are liquid diamonds safe? Absolutely. But given the complexity of the manufacturing process, you should only purchase them from reputable sources like The Dopest who lab test each and every one of their products. We partner with many leading retailers (check our store locator for details), so you may be able to purchase liquid diamonds right in your own neighborhood. Otherwise, check our menu to find our best-in-class liquid diamonds products ready to ship.

How To Use Liquid Diamonds

Given everything you know about liquid diamonds so far, you may be curious about trying them. Here are a few of the most popular ways they’re consumed.


Dabbing involves smoking tiny amounts of liquid diamonds or other concentrates through a purpose-built dab rig. While it’s a specialized piece of equipment and takes a little practice, a dab rig has the advantage of delivering clean, potent blasts of flavor and effects. You can learn more about dabbing here.


Like dabbing, vapes offer all the benefits of liquid diamonds but in a far simpler and more discreet package. Liquid diamond vapes are just like standard vapes but infused with all the flavor and potency of this unique concentrate. Check out our line of disposable vape carts featuring THCA and HHC liquid diamonds.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Infusing pre-rolled joints or blunts with liquid diamonds is a great way to add a huge boost of potency to your everyday smoke. Bonus: Shop our THCA-covered flower and roll your own extra-stoney joints.


From gummies to cookies and more, all types of edibles can be infused with liquid diamonds. Though they’re more potent than most other concentrates, when consumed in edibles, they can take longer to feel their effects—sometimes as long as 90 minutes. So plan accordingly, and don’t take another dose until you’ve waited at least that long.

Find Quality Liquid Diamond Products in The Dopest Shop

Liquid diamonds are a very special type of concentrate that can reach near 100% purity. They can be used to infuse other products, like pre-rolls, edibles, and even flower. Whatever they’re added to, they provide a huge boost of potency and flavor.

We’re proud to stock a huge selection of premium liquid diamond products, including our 2G liquid diamonds disposable HHC and THCA vapes.

If you want to learn more about liquid diamonds and get the latest tips, research, and news on THCA and other hemp compounds, visit our hemp blog. You’ll find what you need to get the most out of this incredible (and legal) cannabis product.