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What is HHCP?

What is HHCP?

What is HHCP?

Because of the rising demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products and its several delta THC variants like HHC, the cannabis industry has been, and continues, searching for other cannabinoids to offer as well. A perfect example of this, is Hexahydrocannabinol (HHCP). One of the latest products, to hit the cannabinoids scene. Let’s look a little deeper into this newcomer.

HHCP – The Hydrogenated Version of THCP

As we’ve stated before in our “What is HHC” article, an American chemist named Roger Adams, first synthesized HHC back in 1947. He used the process of hydrogenation, to add hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 to create HHC.

In a similar way, chemists were able to hydrogenate the powerfully potent THCP, and created HHCP. To provide a point of reference, THCP wasn’t discovered until 2019, around the same time as CBDP by Italian scientists. At that time, their testing showed that THCP was around 30x as strong as Delta 9.

Present day users have corroborated the powerful strength of THCP, and for many, that high potency can be too much. On the other side of the coin, many HHC users, find that it is NOT strong enough for them. Which creates a perfect spot for HHCP, and those who are looking for something “in the middle”, as it pertains to potency.

Hydrogenated THCP is, in fact the genesis of HHCP. And because it contains hydrogen, it reduces some of the strength of the THCP. It is also chemically very stable because of the added hydrogen molecules. This additional also makes it resistant to deterioration, heat, and even ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). Having a stable cannabinoid like that, is very beneficial when you are unable to control the climate where it will be stored. Or if you need to keep it stored it for longer periods of time.

Effectiveness of HHCP

Because of the relative newness of HHCP in the marketplace, and its reliance on each individual's own experience with it; HHCP's efficacy is somewhat difficult to evaluate, citing “small sample size” for adequate benchmarking. However, as the popularity and increased usage grow over time, more reliable data and metrics on how effective it is, will come forward for examination. But for now we have to rely on current users. So, based on current anecdotal accounts, we’re hearing that it is up to 2 times more powerful than HHC. But again, this also somewhat subjective as it is directly related to the tolerance of each user.

HHCP's Additional Notes

HHCP is an oily substance that is either yellow to darker yellow depending on how it was made, or how pure it is.


A key thing to note about HHCP, is that it is technically not a compound of THC. Therefore, it is currently legal in all 50 states. But due to the ever-evolving legal standpoint, it is always smart to check on local laws as it pertains to HHCP; whether you are traveling to, or residing in.

Another interesting fact, is that its side chain is comprised of seven carbon atoms. Two more than regular HHC. It is believed that this increased length of the side chain, promotes better bonding to cannabinoid receptors, as studies have shown it to do in THCP.

Due to its high psychotropic rating, it is recommended that HHCP users not operate motor vehicles or dangerous equipment while using or feeling the effects of it. Because of the similarity to THCP, it presents similar effects:

  • Feelings of Euphoria
  • Relaxed State
  • Dry Mouth
  • Increased Appetite

But again, this cannabinoid's effects vary from person to person due to individual differences in their endocannabinoid system. So, it's important to ease into the right dose.

HHCP Safety

Here at The Dopest Shop, we only carry the highest quality cannabinoids, and proudly display the COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) for each product we carry.

How to Take

The vast majority of users take HHCP via vaping it. Many find using a vape pen, most convenient, as it can be done virtually anywhere, whether you’re on the go, or sitting at home. However, there are a number of others methods as well. Dabbing for example, is a little more involved, but at its root, still a vaporization technique.

The distillate may also be ingested orally. But in order to do that, an enhancement in cannabinoid bioavailability is needed. The most common method is to use fat to improve texture and taste. Something like MCT oil in a novel tincture form.


While the similarities are there, HHCP is actually NOT a form of CBD. The main difference is that CBD is naturally occurring in hemp, as well as cannabis. But HHCP is not organic. It has to be created in a laboratory. The other difference is that CBC is not psychoactive. But HHCP is psychoactive. Similar to Delta 8 or Delta 10 THC.

Can HHCP Get You High?

The short answer…YES. This hydrogenated form of THCP, is also said to be longer lasting than THCP. And again, we recommend creeping up on dosage, until you find the right dose for you and your body’s system.