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Premium Hemp Concentrates & Dabs by The Dopest

When hemp fans are ready for the hardest-hitting experience, The Dopest’s hemp concentrates deliver. Our ultra-refined, lab-tested hemp dabs have off-the-charts cannabinoid percentages, guaranteeing a thrilling time.

Forbidden Fruit - 2 Grams HHC Budder


Premium Hemp Concentrates for Potent Effects

In terms of potency, the Dopest’s hemp dabs are on another level. Each of the hemp concentrates in our catalog has levels of cannabinoids like THCA and HHC that are well above what you’d find in a standard hemp flower, edible, or vape cart. These potent cannabinoid percentages make The Dopest’s hemp dabs the most intense way to experience hemp.

At the highest end of the spectrum, The Dopest offers THCA diamonds with as close to 100% THCA content as possible. Thanks to a powerful purification process, our hemp diamonds give users an unparalleled experience of the THCA cannabinoid, and even one hit is enough for experienced users to feel a remarkable impact.

Aside from The Dopest’s THCA diamonds, we also offer other THCA and HHC concentrates like budder and sauce for a more flavor-forward experience. The texture of these hemp concentrates isn’t as solid as THCA diamonds, and the cannabinoid percentages aren’t quite as high, but they still pack a serious punch at low doses. All of our HHC and THCA hemp concentrates contain organic, strain-specific terpenes, giving dabbers a flavor explosion on each hit.

The Dopest’s Hemp Dabs & Concentrates

Each of our hemp concentrates is a highly pure and potent product.


Our potent, high THCA and HHC hemp concentrates offer up all the effects you’d expect from your favorite dabs.


All our products are tested at third-party labs. Check out our lab results on the website or with the package’s QR code.


Organic terpenes offer up the flavors and aromas you’d expect from your favorite strains


Shop Premium Hemp Concentrates Online for Fast & Discreet Shipping

Whatever hemp concentrate you want to add to your stash, The Dopest makes it easy to order online and get the goods delivered to your door. We promise to process all orders within 24-48 business hours after receiving them, and your items will ship within 3-7 business days. Your goods will arrive discreetly and securely packed with all needed legal documentation, for packs that always land.

Just keep in mind that THCA laws vary from state to state, and The Dopest takes great care to abide by local restrictions. Although our THCA concentrates meet the federal requirements in being hemp that contains no more than ≤ 0.3% delta-9 THC, we don’t ship all of our hemp concentrates to every US state. Please check The Dopest’s latest approved shipping list to see if you’re eligible for online hemp concentrate orders. Currently we cannot ship THCA products to: HI, ID, OR, MN, RI, UT, VT.

Trust The Dopest’s High Standards For Hemp Concentrates

Quality control is critical for all of The Dopest’s products, including our line of HHC and THCA hemp concentrates. Our team of hemp experts only works with American-based farms who are growing superior genetics and have a track record for producing clean, potent, and federally legal buds. We also take great care working with hemp extractors who meet incredibly high standards for delivering the purest THCA and HHC concentrates imaginable.

We back up all of these claims with third-party Certificates of Analysis (COAs), the results of third-party testing for quality, purity and potency. Check out the Lab Results available online or consult the documentation included with your products. We promise all of our hemp concentrates only have refined cannabinoids and terpenes with zero traces of harmful compounds like heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents.

Hemp Concentrate FAQs

What are hemp concentrates?

Hemp concentrates are a category of products with cannabinoid extracts from the hemp plant. While some hemp concentrates have non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD or CBG, others, like The Dopest’s THCA and HHC concentrates, have intoxicating compounds that produce effects comparable to classic cannabis.

Hemp concentrates are also available in various textures and potency levels, ranging from soupy sauce to rock-solid diamonds. Although there are many ways to use hemp concentrates, customers often smoke them through glassware units known as dab rigs.

Do hemp dabs get you high?

If hemp dabs have intoxicating cannabinoids like THCA or HHC, they will give you a “high” sensation. Even small doses of a THCA or HHC dab often trigger effects like head-rush euphoria, body-heavy relaxation, and an altered mind state. Hemp dabbers might also experience side effects like paranoia, intense hunger, or dry mouth, especially if they take too high a dose in one sitting. Since THCA and HHC concentrates have high potency levels, new consumers should go slow with their first experiences.

What are diamonds?

Diamonds are a type of ultra-refined cannabinoid concentrate that strive to achieve as close to 100% purity as possible. Since these diamond-shaped concentrates are so potent, they’re best reserved for people with a strong tolerance or consumed in very small quantities.

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